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Book of the Year: Three – Five Years

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The Outback Dance is drawing near and the animals are excited to show off their dazzling outfits.

But poor Dingo has nothing to wear! With the help of his friends, and a little imagination, Dingo finds a fancy solution to his dilemma.

Emerging author Kelly has written a heart-warming story about resilience and friendship that is sure to become an all-time family favourite.

Amanda has created stunning pictures which not only capture the Australian outback but our unique animals in a very endearing and often dazzling manner.

A great, fun picture book to share with children of all ages.

Published by Little Book Press

Resilience and friendship are key themes in this delightful book, with its vibrant and endearing illustrations and flawless rhyme. It’s a gem that’s sure to be read over and over again. Kids’ Book Review

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Storytime is always special, but even more so when Mum is reading the stack of stories that Sebastian has collected.

Sebastian trots off

at a slow steady speed

with a bundle of books

he’d love someone to read.

Where can you find the best spot to hear a story when you’re the smallest and the slowest one in a big family? Sebastian knows.

From talented newcomer Kelly Hibbert and award-winning illustrator Sue deGennaro comes the perfect book that celebrates the joy of reading and family.

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books Australia

The rhyme and rhythm are rollicking as kids and adults go on the ride to reading. It’s not didactic which is the curse of many well-meaning books about reading. Phew. It engages the readers in the romp of the chaos of kids’ play, and subtly leads us to the best play of all. Reading books. The quiet at the end of the book, with the kids sitting on the lounge totally engaged is wonderful.  Everyone is still playing, but it’s with story, as Mum reads to them. The best part is that the smallest kid,  Sebastian is in the best position. Mum’s lap

There is so much to love in this book. Sue DeGennaro has added the energy and joy of reading to complement the text. It’s a book that should star in anything to do with reading. Susanne Gervay OAM

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