ps-14-1Kelly Hibbert grew up in Happy Valley and, along with her sister, spent many afternoons catching tadpoles and feeding ducks at the local lake. In 1992, Kelly began her teaching degree at Flinders University finding inspiration and affirmation of her love of language from mentor and lecturer, Mem Fox.

Newly qualified, she moved to the Riverland and read many books to her very own class. Since then, she has read countless books to thousands of children across the state.

She now lives with her husband, and their two young boys in Aberfoyle Park. She divides her time between teaching and writing, sometimes combining the two. In every spare moment, she enjoys exploring the foothills with her family, often speaking in rhyme even if someone asks her to stop.

Her first picture book, Fancy Pants, was published by the Little Big Book Club in November 2016. Kelly’s next picture book is due for release in 2018 with HarperCollins.


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